Injection moulding and metal stamping

We are a realiable partner of both mould and die makers and users. Our extensive offer includes plates and parts as well as various solutions for inspection, handling and cleaning that all make mould and die maintenance much faster, easier and safer.

Mould and die

Plates and parts

A wide range of both standard and special plates in various materials, machining variations and dimensions. Standard mould and die parts such as guiding elements, ejectors, cutting punches, springs, tempering and electrical components from the world's leading manufacturers in some cases are delivered within 24 hours.

Mould and die


Various solutions for easier and safer handling of heavy injection moulds and metal stamping dies such as air-cushioned assembly table for moulds up to 5 tons, separators for moulds and dies up to 10 tons, and turning tables for moulds and dies up to 64 tons. All those are set to the ideal working height, guaranteeing ergonomic operation.



Inspector i.10 is specifically developed for the inspection and pre-cleaning of all type of mould cooling channels, even the most challenging ones.
ProfiTEMP TM is a hot runner inspection and diagnosis device adopted to the requirements of both mould makers and maintenance technicians.



Moldclean is a compact device which cleans polluted cooling channels in injection moulds and reduces cooling time up to 40%, depending on the amount of deposits.
ICEsonic dry ice blasting is a fast, effective and non-abrasive way of mould cleaning. Due to the dry ice blasting technology, cleaning can be performed at operating temperatures. Dry ice blasting will improve operational efficiency, quality of parts and thus reduce costs.

Injection moulding machine

Hydraulic fluids

Shell Tellus S3 M is a zinc-free anti-wear high performance hydraulic fluid that uses a special patented technology to ensure exceptional protection and performance in injection moulding machines. It resists degradation under thermal or mechanical stress and help prevent the harmful formation of deposits that can reduce the efficiency of a hydraulic power system.

Electronics manufacturing

Our offer for electronics manufacturing includes various equipment for board handling, marking, routing, inspection as well as component counting and smart reel storage tailored to fit your needs, and budget.



A complete range of PCB handling modules that provide transport, buffering/accumulation, marking, depaneling, and many other handling and routing alternatives. Each unit has an onboard control system that allows it to function independently. The units can be linked to others in the system by utilizing their upline and downline SMEMA communications.



Automated PCB inspection is an essential element in any electronics manufacturing process that enables faults to be detected as soon after the manufacture process as possible. Our offer includes several solutions for AOI, SPI and AXI (Automatid X-ray Inspection) including 3D CT AXI that is able to detect even the most challenging faults such as voids and head-in-pillow (HiP) in solder joints.

SMD reel


A precise SMD reel count can reduce stops in production due to component lack and make production flow better. Reel estimator is a smart little handheld device that can count SMD on reels even when they are on the machine, but within 5% accuracy. SMART:count is a more advanced solution used to unwind a reel of components, then rewind it printing a component count onto the cover tape as it rewinds. A count accuracy of 99.9% can only be achieved using X-ray counter that can be connected to your MES/ERP system and is a part of our offer too.


To make your employees more efficient by allowing them to focus on higher-value activities, while shortening lead time, reducing the risk of bottlenecks, and optimizing safety.


Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots (Cobots) are designed to optimize productivity in logistics and manufacturing operations. They are easy to program, fast to deploy, and safe to use. Cobots are solving labor issues in manufacturing operations in companies of all sizes.
Our offer also includes cutting edge gripping and sensing systems that let you easily design truly collaborative applications.


Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are safe, cost-effective mobile robots that quickly automate your internal transportation and logistics. The AMR optimizes workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs.
With built-in sensors and cameras and sophisticated software, the AMR can identify its surroundings and take the most efficient route to its destination, safely avoiding obstacles and people.

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